About Us

The journey of creating sustainable industries and proliferative markets for our people and empowering our young populace to witness the reality of their dreams starts now.

 We are seeking the cooperation of all Africans, African Americans and Afro Caribbean countries across the globe to achieve this goal. We have a winning idea with a very good feasibility index that will cause an exponential increase in the annual revenue accruing to Africa.

Concerned Africans provides, through the Platform, a venue through which Users may interact, transfer knowledge, share and influence others in a constructive manner.  Our mission on this platform is to bridge the skills deficit gap in the African space by providing a platform where skills, competencies, knowledge, ideas can be shared in a social setting. This platform is open to anyone, irrespective of status, to be a participant in enhancing the developmental strides of Africa by either being a content creator /contributor, sponsor or someone who simply uses this platform to acquire income earning twenty first century skills or jobs.

We also believe that it is tragic to talk about Africa's problems without taking bold action-steps. We will set aside 10% of the funds generated from the third party programs. We intend to use it to train young children interested in aeronautical engineering and nanotechnology from their young age to any level of their career.

We have designed a couple of free courses on programming languages to help equip a few persons with knowledge that is relevant in the 21st century. We intend to support them to turn their knowledge into good sources of income. We are also working hard to design and set up model factories that will begin domestic manufacturing and become novel units of domestic exports.

The time for Africans to come together is now. We need a significant number of Africans to get together and make honest contributions, knowing that when they support each other, more Africans will be moved to be self-sacrificing in order to achieve a great future for Africa. For this to be a reality, we need an effective system that will address the problems that seem to cripple the growth of Africa and allow it to flourish to its full potential. Although it is understandable that we as a people have individual financial needs that must be met to be able to cater for our families, it is very obvious that these financial problems have been present for decades. This is why we must seek other strategies to improve our quality of life so that our day-to-day needs are met. There is so much we can do to make this happen if only we are dedicated to get these strategies to work and remain truthful to the cause and self-sacrificing.

The easiest way Africa will make progress is if a significant number of her people are armed with knowledge that is relevant in the 21st century and willingness to use such knowledge for the advancement of Africa. Mastery in this knowledge will make a large number of Africans self-sufficient and economically viable, firstly to their individual countries and subsequently, to the entire African Continent

We encourage everyone as a duty to get their families and friends to complete the FREE program at ConcernedAfricans.Org. The program teaches 21st century skills that will arm them for the future. We need as many Africans as possible to learn these skills so that they can make Africa relevant in the modern day tech world. Africa needs to get her dignity back by being able to compete with other modern societies of the world. We intend to change this trend by giving both men and women sufficient training to gain knowledge relevant to the 21st century.

Programming languages are numerous informative codes that are designed by human experts and installed into computers in order to optimize and modify their use. They are just the command languages that our computers understand and use to communicate back to us. 

Understanding these languages and designing them has become one of the most rated skills in the 21st century and the paucity of programming experts has made it a lucrative niche with high demand such that people who have these skills now work across national and continental borders without even the necessity for physical contact. The major reason behind this paucity of experts is the fact that learning and understanding these code languages takes time and requires great commitment which many persons are not yet willing to give. However, like every other knowledge we ever acquired, we become better when we begin and take on a consistent ride in our learning path. 

We also need as many skilled people as possible to help in the training and teaching of others. We encourage that you spread the word to families and acquaintances that are willing to help out in this programme for the benefit of our people. Don’t forget that if you choose to hoard any knowledge that could be beneficial to your fellow African, you will miss out on the honour and reward that comes with sharing. 

It is important to note that we are working very hard to provide sustainable solutions for those who are into the following:                                                          


Fashion designing

Pastries - People making cakes

Snacks and Confectioneries Production 



Soap and detergent making

Antiseptic liquid production

Screen Printing - the making of stickers and labels


Beads and Make-up

We strongly advocate for equality and mutual respect amongst ourselves and with every person on the face of the earth, regardless of whatever differences may exist.

Spending lots of time on games or other time-consuming activities that add little or no value should be avoided, especially for those who are financially constrained. Such wasteful lifestyle choices can be replaced with one of learning useful skills that will be beneficial to the individual and those around him or her.